What Is Phimosis?

Millions of men worldwide struggle with tight foreskin that will not retract over the glans without significant discomfort. For some, it will not retract at all. Contrary to assumptions, it’s far from a rare condition and doesn’t typically indicate a serious health issue. Instead, it’s a common and treatable condition known formally as phimosis. In… Read More »

How state AGs are ramping up general HIPAA enforcement

· New York’s state attorney general has increased its enforcement actions in recent years. These include:· University of Rochester Medical Center, $ 15,000 fine for insufficiently training nurse practitioner who shared patient information (2015)· CoPilot Support Services, $ 130,000, for permitting unauthorized access to health records of 220,000 residents (2017)· Aetna, $ 1.15 million, for… Read More »