Yale experts offer strategies for successful clinical AI rollouts

At HIMSS20 this March, two clinicians from Yale School of Medicine will offer their perspective and advice for safe and effective implementation of artificial intelligence-powered clinical decision support. In Orlando, Dr. Wade L. Schulz, director of informatics at Yale School of Medicine, and Dr. Harlan Krumholz, a cardiologist and researcher at Yale University and Yale-New… Read More »

NS TV • Why Check-Ins are The Most Important Skill for Creating Your Healthy Lifestyle

If there’s one thing that I believe can make the biggest impact on your wellbeing, it’s having a consistent check-in practice with yourself. I don’t mean a weight check-in, measurement check-in, or a before and after photo check-in. I mean a mindful check-in with yourself. So often, we move through our lives so quickly, running… Read More »