OMG There’s a Video of Princess Anne Allegedly Gossiping About Trump with World Leaders

By | December 4, 2019
  • Princess Anne was allegedly caught gossiping about President Donald Trump with a bunch of world leaders at Buckingham Palace.
  • Anne was previously seen shrugging at the Queen after refusing to meet Trump.

    Welp, Princess Anne was simply the gift that keeps on giving at Buckingham Palace’s NATO 70th anniversary reception. Not only did she get caught shrugging at her mom, the Queen, after refusing to greet President Donald Trump and Melania Trump, apparently she was caught gossiping about Trump with a bunch of world leaders. Anne! ANNE!!!!!

    A video of this moment is making the rounds on Twitter right now (yes, “Princess Anne” is trending—what a time to be alive), and in it you can see Anne chatting to the likes of Justin Trudeau and President Macron—allegedly about Donald Trump, though to be clear his name isn’t dropped. So uh, it’s possible they could be talking about someone else?

    And no, people cannot deal:

    Again, this video comes after additional footage of Anne flat-out refusing to meet President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump while the Queen and Prince Charles received him. She was even caught shrugging at the Queen over it.

    Truly, incredible. And FYI that Prince Charles was much more agreeable about meeting Trump, even inviting him for tea. Though apparently Trump was almost an hour late, and according to CNN he and Melania left after about 15 minutes—just long enough to pose for a few extremely awkward photos.

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