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Health standards organizations help codify novel coronavirus info

As part of the global effort to manage and contain the coronavirus response, two global health standards organizations have introduced new content. Regenstrief Institute and SNOMED International, are supporting care teams globally to code and track SARS-CoV-2 testing and COVID-19 cases, and by extension support clinicians and researchers in their efforts to address its containment.… Read More »

‘Just Mercy’ campaign launches COVID-19 fund to help the incarcerated

April Grayson (Credit: April Grayson) The coronavirus has impacted many but the prison population has been one of the most marginalized populations in the wake of the pandemic. Prison advocate April Grayson knows firsthand how they are feeling as she was incarcerated for 17 years. In an interview with theGrio, Grayson explains how her advocacy… Read More »

Scientists Find New Way to Inject Plants With Medicine, And It May Help Save Our Crops – ScienceAlert

You may not think of plants as needing life-saving medicine, but that’s sometimes the case when bugs and disease strike. Now, scientists have developed a super-accurate, highly delicate way of delivering drugs, and right where plants need them. At the moment, plants can be sprayed with pesticides, which doesn’t really penetrate to the roots, or… Read More »

Can cymbalta help me lose weight

The Cymbalta is working for the anxiety. I’m considering getting off all meds and de-toxing but will have to do it in a hospital bc getting off Cymbalta can make someone suicidal quickly. Cymbalta really hurt me metabolism wise, but I’ve been maintaining since switching to Welbutrin. Conclusion: Duloxetine-treated patients experienced weight loss after short-term… Read More »

How can cymbalta help me

Other medications: Be sure to tell your doctor about all the other over-the-counter and prescription medications you’re taking or plan to start taking, as well as any vitamins, supplements, or herbal products, as many of these can interact with Cymbalta. Glad I stuck it out. This can lead to falls and a loss of consciousness,… Read More »