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Google Investors Should Beg For A Breakup. Here’s Why …

By all accounts, regulators are coming after Alphabet with all guns blazing. The Washington Post confirmed September 6 that the company received a civil investigative demand from the Department of Justice. More than 50% the state attorneys general are planning to investigate, too. So-called privacy advocates are salivating at the chance to break up the Mountain View, Calif., company. Shareholders should hope… Read More »

Bayer’s already in the hot seat with investors. A new $2B Roundup slapdown won’t help

With angry investors at the gates and thousands of lawsuits tied up in court, Bayer’s executives have scrambled to keep their head above water. Looks like relief isn’t coming any time soon, at least not in the courtroom. A California jury hit Bayer, which now sells glyphosate-based weed killer Roundup, with $ 2 billion in… Read More »