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A machine-versus-doctors fixation masks important questions about artificial intelligence

Next time you go to the doctor, remember to bring your genome card.  What, you don’t have one? Of course you don’t. Wallet-sized cards containing a person’s genetic code don’t exist.  Yet they were envisioned in a 1996 Los Angeles Times article, which predicted that by 2020 the makeup of a person’s genome would drive… Read More »

Masks Reveal Cultural Disconnect As L.A.’s Chinese Community Braces For Coronavirus

This story also ran on USA Today. This story can be republished for free (details). LOS ANGELES — Several staff members of a small community health clinic in L.A.’s historic Chinatown spoke on the phone with patients Tuesday while wearing face masks that muffled their voices. The masks are a recent phenomenon at the clinic, located… Read More »