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People living in noisy traffic areas may be 30 per cent more likely to have a deadly stroke

People living in noisy traffic areas may be 30% more likely to have a deadly stroke ‘because they’re more stressed and less likely to exercise’ Scientists suggest it may be a lack of greenspace rather than the noise itself They studied 2,761 stroke victims in Spain and looked at where they lived A 984-foot (300m)… Read More »

Black, Hispanic patients more likely to be brought to safety-net hospital emergency rooms

National guidelines require emergency medical services transportation to the nearest suitable hospital. To what extent this occurs, and whether this varies by the race and ethnicity of the patient, is unknown, since there is little to no prior research on destination patterns of EMS-transported patients to hospitals. But a new national study done by researchers… Read More »

‘Orthorexia’ vying for classification as mental disorder as more people become obsessed with ‘clean eating’

Is an obsession with “clean eating” a bona fide mental disorder deserving of its own diagnosis in psychiatry’s official manual of mental illness? A flurry of new studies and reviews is breathing new life into so-called orthorexia nervosa, loosely defined as a pathological fixation on eating “pure” foods. At its extreme, adherents shun all sugar,… Read More »