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Why Medicine Needs a New Hippocratic Oath—and What It Should Be – Singularity Hub

Somewhere along the road from sickness to health, the American medical system took a wrong turn—a big one. The cost of care in our country is sky-high, yet our population health outcomes tend to be worse than those of other developed countries (many of which have universal health care). Major surgeries, treatments for long-term illnesses… Read More »

Google Investors Should Beg For A Breakup. Here’s Why …

By all accounts, regulators are coming after Alphabet with all guns blazing. The Washington Post confirmed September 6 that the company received a civil investigative demand from the Department of Justice. More than 50% the state attorneys general are planning to investigate, too. So-called privacy advocates are salivating at the chance to break up the Mountain View, Calif., company. Shareholders should hope… Read More »