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Watch Tinashe Literally Chew Pearls During Our ‘Expensive Taste Test’

Whether it’s grabbing a $ 6 almond milk latte at Starbucks, or skipping the subway and hopping in an Uber, everyone enjoys ~indulging~ every once in awhile. But what celebrities? You know, the ones who get to indulge all the time? Because luxury? Do they actually know the finer things in life? Heh, that’s where… Read More »

Theranos redux? Not really. But claim of a ‘simple’ test for breast cancer warrants scrutiny

Once again the lure of a “simple” test has made headlines. This time the catalyst was a news release issued by the UK’s National Cancer Research Institute. Its title: “Simple blood test for early detection of breast cancer.” In fact, no such test exists. As the body of the PR news release acknowledged, it’s an… Read More »