Do Wisdom Teeth Hurt Coming in?

Many people ask, “Do wisdom teeth hurt coming in?”. The simple answer is – Yes! They can. Wisdom teeth are the last pair of teeth to emerge in your mouth, one pair at the back of each jaw. Sometimes, these can emerge at awkward angles or even get stuck below the gums and the side… Read More »

Forgotten victims of Covid as dementia sufferers face more anxiety and confusion

Few people have found the past 12months easy, but for those living with dementia the pandemic has taken a particularly heavy toll. While a quarter of those who have died of Covid-19 also had dementia, a survey seen exclusively by the Sunday Mirror concluded that lockdown has had a shocking impact on those still living… Read More »

9 Things Having A Stoma Bag Has Taught Me

Never Utter The Words “Things Can’t Get Worse” These are words I’ll always regret. We only evaluate how good or bad something is based on our previous experiences, the benchmark we have for comparison. When I had been dealing with chronic constipation for a few years, I thought things were bad, really bad. It was… Read More »