Killer flu outbreak causes urgent lockdown

By | July 3, 2019

A nursing home in southern New South Wales is in lockdown after being struck with the “killer” flu outbreak that’s sweeping the country.

Fifteen residents of the Marco Polo Aged Care Services in Unanderra, just outside Wollongong, were suffering with flu symptoms after the June long weekend.

But after three of the residents tragically died, the home has been forced to take extreme measures.

Twenty staff members from the aged care home have also been away from work suffering with flu symptoms, Nine News reported.

Marco Polo Aged Care Services manager Robert O’Shea told the ABC families have been informed about the outbreak and have been urged not to visit.

The tragic deaths bring the death toll to 57 in NSW, with the elderly being the most hit victims to this year’s horror flu virus.

NSW Health has warned flu outbreaks in aged-care facilities continue to rise, prompting a warning for people to get vaccinated before visiting the elderly and to stay home if they are ill.

NSW Health Director of Communicable Disease Dr Vicky Sheppeard last week said that so far this year, there have been 87 confirmed influenza outbreaks in aged-care facilities, 12 of which were reported last week.

“The elderly are highly vulnerable to influenza and the flu jab is critical to reducing the risk of visitors catching the virus and bringing it into aged-care homes,” Dr Sheppeard said.

Across the country the devastating number has reached over 220, with experts warning people to “stay home” if they come down with symptoms.

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New research reveals more than half of Aussies still show up to work despite being sick, with one in five having too much work to take a sick day.

The research from water purification company, Waterlogic, also reveals the “overwhelming” numbers of Australians adopting “hero mentality” and working through their sickness.

“Workplace heroes” are said to cost Aussie businesses $ 35 billion each year because they are more prone to injury, less productive, more likely to make errors and are potentially contagious.

But it’s not just office workers who need to stay home, with experts warning parents to be on the lookout for symptoms in their kids.

Last month, NSW Health again urged parents to take advantage of the free influenza vaccine for under-fives after 115 children were admitted to Children’s Hospital Westmead with flu so far this year.

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