Make Your Morning Drink a Lil More Fun With Yungblud’s Coffee and Whiskey Cocktail

By | August 19, 2020

As good as an espresso martini sounds, it just seems too fancy to put together in my teeny kitchen. Maybe I’m totally wrong and just v lazy, but I’d rather whip up some regular ole coffee and mix it with some of my go-to booze. Yungblud is definitely on the same wavelength as me because one of his favorite drinks is a nice lil cocktail made up of black coffee and whiskey. Sounds great and EASY.

Before he started making his drink, he set up all the necessary ingredients and tools: a bottle of Maker’s Mark whiskey, a glass, ice, a pour-over coffee maker, and a bag of coffee beans.

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The first step in creating this drank was of course making the coffee since it takes the most time. And because he doesn’t like his cup of Joe too bitter, he made his own simple syrup so he can sweeten up the bev.

Once the hard part was over, he took his freshly made coffee and poured it into his chilled glass with ice. Then, of course, he added a hefty amount of whiskey in there. Maybe I’ll pair this with my brekky one day…?

Also, make sure to stream his newest song “Weird!” out everywhere!

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