Plant-based diet and demenita plant-based diet and dementia

By | October 14, 2020

plant-based diet and demenita plant-based diet and dementia

Find out how to dodge dementia through diet on Viva is right now, they claim protection against dementia in humans. Although the scientists said the current treatment couldn’t be translated to human patients as it that plant-based supplements might offer.

Numerous studies show how vegetarians and vegans have a lower risk of dementia Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission. So, more nonsense in the news today, this time we are being told we need meat and eggs to dodge dementia. Who’s making these claims — a Harvard nutrition scientist maybe? No, an American journalist who has written a book called Genius Foods. Apparently it’s wrong to think of animal products as unhealthy because they have such a significant impact on brain health. We are warned that eggs have been unfairly maligned and that we should also be eating fish, such as salmon, regularly.

Support our lifesaving work. Make a donation to the Physicians Committee today. Donate Now. A decline in brain health is not an inevitable part of aging. But how we eat and live can help us protect our memory and stay sharp into old age.

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