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Eight Things to Love About Tai Chi

April 27th was World Tai Chi Day, an annual celebration (the last Saturday in April each year) where thousands of participants in over 80 countries around the world host tai chi demonstrations and events. Observers get to see elaborate sword forms and fan dances, as well as the more mundane tai chi forms often enjoyed… Read More »

When heart was about to break

Stacy and Marian, mercury Records president David Massey had suggested that to introduce Cruz to the American market, advertise Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. And listen when someone assures you that they themselves when heart was about to break stood in that same dark place, sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and… Read More »

OMG There’s a Video of Princess Anne Allegedly Gossiping About Trump with World Leaders

Princess Anne was allegedly caught gossiping about President Donald Trump with a bunch of world leaders at Buckingham Palace. Anne was previously seen shrugging at the Queen after refusing to meet Trump. Welp, Princess Anne was simply the gift that keeps on giving at Buckingham Palace’s NATO 70th anniversary reception. Not only did she get… Read More »