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Tech titan calls for health care overhaul: ‘Our medical system is stuck in dark ages’

The process of developing new cancer drugs and bringing them to the market needs a major overhaul, argued distinguished futurist Vivek Wadhwa in an email to colleagues and friends the day after he lost his wife to a rare form of cancer called cholangiocarcinoma. MOM CLAIMS EPIDURAL WAS STUCK IN BACK FOR DAYS AFTER GIVING BIRTH Wadhwa is… Read More »

Olivia Culpo Calls Out *Multiple* Married Celebs for Sliding into Her DMs

Olivia Culpo says multiple married celebrities have slid into her Instagram DMs since her breakup. Olivia is coming off a split from Danny Amendola, who allegedly cheated on her. Today in men make questionable decisions, actress Olivia Culpo just revealed that multiple famous men (again, MORE THAN ONE) slid into her DMs after her breakup… Read More »