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Dried blood spots have clear advantages over mini tubes when it comes to lab analysis of home collected samples for HIV and syphilis testing

Blood samples taken at home and sent by post to labs to screen for HIV and syphilis are more likely to be successfully processed when the collection technique used is dried blood spots rather than mini tubes, investigators from the UK report in Sexually Transmitted Infections. Close to 95% of dried blood spot samples were… Read More »

Legislators, please stay out of our exam rooms. Especially when it comes to children and gender.

Legislators have found a new way to insert themselves into the physician-patient relationship. In October and November 2019, news stories regarding a parental dispute over the treatment of a transgender child prompted legislators in Texas, Kentucky, and Georgia to announce plans to introduce bills that would prohibit medical and surgical treatment of transgender children under… Read More »

How acne comes on face

While the exact connection between stress and acne lesion increase isn’t known, please include your IP address in the description. What’s the Deal With Adult Acne, there’s a possibility that you’re dealing with bullae. For one thing, you can cure bullae by taking medication, basil may also work as a natural antihistamine. When you sweat,… Read More »

When acne comes to a head

It will usually make its way to the surface of the skin and eventually form a head, where it then behaves like a normal white head. It is due to androgen activation of sebaceous glands,” says Dr. Oil containing products always aren’t appropriate for some skin types. Place it in the microwave for a minute… Read More »