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Dresden’s application for the title “European Capital of Culture 2025” given a motto: Neue Heimat

“Dresden has always been a cultural hotspot, thanks to internationally famous landmarks like the Semperoper or the Frauenkirche,” says Mayor Dirk Hilbert about the bid, due to be submitted on 30 September. “However, that alone is not enough. We believe that earning the title calls for more than simply showcasing what you already have.” The… Read More »

Virtual Dentistry And The Culture Of Technological Control – Forbes

A dentist using a tablet integrated with on-site dental equipment showing a dental x-ray on a tablet. Photo credit: Getty Getty As a parent of two small children, getting them into brushing is not as easy as I would have thought. Kids love water, mirrors, and playing, but somehow getting my three-year-old into brushing his teeth is no easy feat. Then I… Read More »