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Can Moderate Drinking Decrease Alzheimer’s Brain Proteins?

Excess alcohol consumption is known to harm brain health. In the case of binge drinking or heavy alcohol consumption, it may even make it more likely that your brain may accumulate damaging beta-amyloid proteins, potentially contributing to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.1 However, controversy remains over whether all alcohol consumption is harmful, with some research… Read More »

How to quit drinking diet coke

” advises Londa Sandon, what have you found that helps desk related body pain the most? Like it or not, make sure that you have plenty of water to drink. The evidence about why diet drinking isn’quit a great choice to slowly emerging. And with all the other stuff how of us already deal with,… Read More »

20 ways you can cut your cancer risk today – from drinking beer to rubber gloves

It’s one of the world’s most feared diseases. However, scientists and doctors claim that around four in every 10 UK cancer cases could be prevented. Recent research has shown that drinking two cans of sugary drinks a week can increase the risk of developing cancer by 18 per cent. But it’s not just cutting out… Read More »