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Can You Safely Give Birth at Home?

The question of where and how to give birth is a relatively new one for women. Up until the early 20th century, fewer than 5% of women gave birth in a hospital. In the 1950s the birth of a baby, an event that had once been a family affair and attended by a midwife, became… Read More »

Tessian launches Human Layer Security Intelligence to give businesses greater visibility into employees’ cybersecurity behaviors

11 June 2020 – San Francisco. Human layer security company Tessian announces the launch of its new solution Human Layer Security (HLS) Intelligence, to provide businesses with deeper insights into human layer security threats and the tools required to trend down the risk of accidental data loss, data exfiltration and advanced impersonation phishing attacks. Tessian… Read More »

What antibiotics can you give a dog

We help dog owners effortlessly choose the best dog supplies on the market. Viruses are responsible for many diseases that can make your dog very sick, including canine distemper and canine parvovirus. It’s a scary world out there with all those superbugs, antibiotic resistance issues and drug reactions. Joints Joints Categories. Prescription medication is still… Read More »

Cochlear Implant Turned-On Remotely to Give Child Hearing

April 24th, 2020 Medgadget Editors ENT, Surgery, Telemedicine All sorts of medical procedures have to wait to be performed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Since some procedures are done in several steps, often separated by weeks or months, there are patients out there that cannot complete the next steps of their therapies. Cochlear implants,… Read More »

Can vitamins give you acid reflux

Does this sound like you? Your new supplements arrive, and you start taking them which you think makes a positive difference. So, you continue to take them for…… how long? Until the bottle runs out? Ah, but you have them on subscription, so there is another bottle popping through the letterbox! Until you read another… Read More »