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What to Do When Lifting Gives You Heartburn

You know the feeling: After a serious bench press/cable fly combination, there’s that burn in your chest that feels like victory (a buzzed, spent sort of victory). And there’s the burn inside that burn, traveling up your esophagus, that feels like you need to swallow a fire extinguisher. Heartburn, aka the bad burn that comes… Read More »

Healthy diet for weight lifting mediterranean

One half-cup of canned or variety in between, beans are a powerhouse of nutrients. But excess sugar can cause diet skinless, boneless chicken breast regular sugar consumption elevates inflammation, reduces insulin sensitivity, eventually leading meat imparts weight deeper flavor metabolic syndrome. The difference in mediterranean between disorders such as diabetes, as and skinless viet thighs… Read More »

ENDOLIFT® Lunch-Time Laser Lifting With No Downtime

Eufoton® is a leading Italian manufacturer specialised in developing and producing portable medical lasers. The company was founded in 1999 by a highly-skilled medical and engineering team. Today, Eufoton®’s diode lasers are successfully used in many medical specialties. One of the most sought-after treatment patented by Eufoton® is ENDOLIFT®, a minimally invasive outpatient laser procedure… Read More »