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How much carbs in keto diet

Have some high protein nuts and nut butters ij. Light beer, 12 fl oz, 6 g carbs Stick to half of a beer if this is your choice. Harvard T. I mix it with Almond milk! If you remain in ketosis on 25 net grams of carbs per day 0. Be sure to work with… Read More »

How much fructose in diet coke

Always check the ingredients lists. When companies get political, 4 factors affect profit. And the cancer stuff too. Any more than that is ridiculous. I hate the stuff. However, diet sweeteners were shown in a November study published in the journal Molecules to affect the gut microbiome, as well as to potentially contribute to the… Read More »

Test your period knowledge – how much do you know about your time of the month

Every woman’s periods are different. From frequency to flow, they differ drastically from person to person, which often means we’re left with questions about whether we’re ‘normal’. But it’s important to understand our cycles so that we notice if they chance, which could be a sign of pregnancy or health concerns. Intimate healthcare experts INTIMINA… Read More »

How Much Can CBD Really Help?

Advertisements Cannabidiol (CBD) is a popular natural remedy for treating many conditions. It is not psychoactive, making it a darling among many who are looking for solutions to their physical, mental, and other conditions. You have probably come across a lot of information online about the magic benefits of CBD, and you may be wondering… Read More »