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COVID-19 Reveals Urgent Need for Universal Mental Health Care

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically disrupted every aspect of life for everyday people, ratcheting up stress across all families: The mandate to #StayHome, being physically distanced from work colleagues, beloved family and friends, and our community touchpoints The fear and risk-management of contracting the COVID-19 virus, for ourselves and our families The economic shock or… Read More »

Why do we need vitamin b12

If your body lacks B12 — term deficiency can cause permanent damage to the brain and b12 nervous system. But can also result from malabsorption, but this can need refer to the actual group of eight vitamins too. Like at home, it helps produce something called myelin do is basically like the insulation that protects… Read More »

Coronavirus and Your Dog: No Need to Panic Yet

Hong Kong authorities on Wednesday updated their reports on the lone dog that appears to have a low-grade infection from coronavirus, saying it’s likely a case of a human transmitting it to the dog. A spokesman for the government’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department said the dog, which has been tested several times, is still… Read More »