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10 Proven Ways To Help Prevent Depression

We all go through phases of feeling sad or upset about something, and these feelings usually go away in time. The only people who really understand depression are those who suffer from it. When you suffer from a depressive disorder, any sadness, frustration, or anger makes these negative feelings stronger, digging you deeper into the… Read More »

Which vitamin is needed to prevent xerophthalmia

Breastfeeding is particularly important when a child has measles. GAIN, Micronutrient Initiative, USAID, The World Bank, UNICEF, Flour Fortification Initiative. The risk of micronutrient deficiencies, while present throughout life, is heightened at different stages of the life cycle, such as infancy, early childhood, pregnancy, and lactation. Source: WHO Programme for Prevention of Blindness. Vitamin A:… Read More »

How can i prevent acne

But too much oil in and around your scalp; as bacteria love sugar and feed off of it. But did you know that it can exacerbate acne? Try to stay out of the sun during its peak times, touching your face, stress will add to acne breakouts. The water should produce a nice flow of… Read More »