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Research Says These Specific Facial Expressions Mean Someone Is Definitely Interested In You, So…

Today in news-that’s-not-really news: Science officially confirms flirting works. (Science = a study conducted by researchers from the University of Kansas). But actually, there’s more to the okay/duh/obvious results. In addition to confirming that flirting is definitely A Thing and aids in showing romantic interest in someone, that same research, now published in the Journal… Read More »

How to live with someone with depression

Was this page helpful? Young-onset Alzheimer’s Show more related content. Actively work to help your spouse get better, whether it’s taking a daily walk together, providing a ride to a doctor’s appointment or ensuring that medication is taken. Are children involved? Depressed people are often perceived as being self-centered, because all of their focus and… Read More »

Why would someone take vitamin b12

Vitamin B12 Injections: Good or Bad? Just wanted to add to the above questions, I am 67 years old and B12 Vitamin Deficiency is in my family. However, many fruits and vegetables contain these traces, and it is not considered a significant health risk. However, if you struggle to obtain enough or have a condition… Read More »