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What is asthma testing

There are different types of severe asthma, and in the differentiation between asthma and COPD. Boulet LP: Canadian Thoracic Society asthma management continuum: 2010 consensus summary for children six years of age and over, asthma treatment is tailored what is asthma testing the individual and depends upon the severity of the person’s asthma. Check and… Read More »

Proviral DNA resistance testing allows treatment switches without viral rebound

Testing proviral DNA for drug resistance can help to select new drug regimens that are better tolerated and easier to take in treatment-experienced people, while preventing a treatment switch leading to viral rebound, University of Arizona researchers report in the journal Open Forum Infectious Diseases. Changing treatment to prevent long-term toxicities is becoming feasible for… Read More »

NSW Pathology’s point of care testing pilot enables faster diagnosis and care

NSW Health Pathology, eHealth NSW and Microsoft are partnering to trial a first-of-its kind point of care testing, which allows patients to be tested, whether it is at the back of an ambulance, on a football field or while undergoing surgery, with their results available to clinicians in real-time. This is done using point of… Read More »

What donor offspring seek when they do DNA testing

I wrote previously about parents who fear that their donor-conceived children might uncover long-held secrets through DNA testing. Many were unsettled by Dani Shapiro’s memoir Inheritance, which told of how a DNA test done for no particular reason dismantled a family story. Now let’s consider reasons why some people who know they were donor-conceived might… Read More »