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Virtual Rounds with the Center for Women’s Mental Health Extended through June!

Over the past two months, the MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health has had the tremendous opportunity to host virtual rounds from 2-3pm EST via Zoom for all health professionals with an interest in reproductive psychiatry and women’s mental health. We have reached nearly 300 students and practitioners in 33 states, 3 Canadian provinces, and… Read More »

Coronavirus Can Spread Through Sex? COVID-19 Found in Semen of Infected Men Reveals Possibility of Sexual Transmission in New Study

Coronavirus sexual transmission (Photo Credits: Pixabay) After numerous theories trying to understand the way of Coronavirus spread, and constant questions if sex can transmit COVID-19, the answer has come as a positive possibility in a recent study. Scientists have found traces of the virus in semen of the recovering coronavirus patients. The study was carried… Read More »

‘Sick’ playlists to get through a pandemic

Music fans and coronavirus victims have taken to Twitter to share their ‘pandemic playlists’ via Spotify. The music streaming giant goes by the tagline, “Music for every mood”, and that has proven to be true during the global coronavirus pandemic. Some of the lists have gone ‘viral’, pardon the pun, due to their titles that… Read More »

Can you pass flu through breast milk

I’m so miserable but my 4 month old already had the virus and gave it to me and my toddler. You can continue to can you pass flu through breast milk but call the doctor. Another watched in horror as her breast milk leaked all over the X-Ray machine. Hang in there I have been… Read More »