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New heart valve could transform open heart surgery for millions of patients globally

A new polymeric heart valve with a life span potentially longer than current artificial valves that would also prevent the need for the millions of patients with diseased heart valves to require life-long blood thinning tablets has been developed by scientists at the universities of Bristol and Cambridge. The team’s latest in-vitro results, published in… Read More »

Can a heart valve problem cause afib

What Does It Mean When My Heart Skips a Beat? Furthermore, opioids can produce can a heart valve problem cause afib issues even in people who take them chronically under a doctor’s supervision. Has your doctor diagnosed you with PVC, or is that your guess? This is especially common in older people. Until the second… Read More »

What you stress relief valve

Relief valves have a closed bonnet to prevent the release of product that is toxic, the material may suffer from service problems such as stress corrosion cracking. The figures show part of such a system, in crystalline arrays. Rupture periods calculated for less than what min therefore may you be highly accurate, when cleanliness of the… Read More »

Which is stress relief valve

Current generation valves have which is stress relief valve internals and do not use older generation Rubber Boot. Gas-loaded relief valves are controlled by the nitrogen pressure loaded into the relief valve. Manual override option with positive stem retraction is available for pressures. Usually accomplished with a skirt on the disc so that the fluid… Read More »