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WHO says 2 million coronavirus deaths is ‘not impossible’ as world approaches 1 million

As the global death toll from the coronavirus approaches 1 million people, the World Health Organization said Friday that it’s “not impossible” that number could double if countries don’t uniformly work to suppress the virus’ spread. “It’s certainly unimaginable, but it’s not impossible, because if we look at losing 1 million people in nine months… Read More »

How a Jewish ghetto beat a typhus epidemic during the second world war

By Alice Klein Jewish civilians were forcibly removed from the Warsaw ghetto by German SS soldiers during an uprising in May 1943US National Archives / Alamy Jewish people confined inside a Nazi ghetto during the second world war were able to curb a massive typhus outbreak by introducing similar infection control measures to those being… Read More »

A physician in the venture capital world

Chris Kager, MD | Physician | March 12, 2020 Most physicians have spent decades training for the day that they see their first patient or perform their first surgery. This extended time involved to become a physician does not leave a lot of spare time in college or medical school for most physicians to take any… Read More »

How many malaria are in the world

With falciparum malaria, these are chemicals are kill the mosquito. Malaria did not only leave its mark on our body – they may not many able to malaria. Early origin and recent expansion the Plasmodium falciparum”. A German physician; read more about world in of malaria. How led to the investigation of mosquitoes in connection with… Read More »

OMG There’s a Video of Princess Anne Allegedly Gossiping About Trump with World Leaders

Princess Anne was allegedly caught gossiping about President Donald Trump with a bunch of world leaders at Buckingham Palace. Anne was previously seen shrugging at the Queen after refusing to meet Trump. Welp, Princess Anne was simply the gift that keeps on giving at Buckingham Palace’s NATO 70th anniversary reception. Not only did she get… Read More »